Step 1/5: Pick a Session

This page is used to sign up for public testimony at an upcoming public hearing. If you do not see the session below that you are interested in, please check back after the legislation has been introduced. Please note that each individual must use a unique email address to sign in. If you have any issues registering, please call our office at 410-313-2001. At any time, feel free to email your comments to

If you are testifying on behalf of a group, please download the attached form, and either email it to prior to 5pm the night of the hearing or bring it with you and submit it to the Council Administrator before you testify. The form is a fillable PDF.
At this time, the County Council is not accepting requests for public testimony on new legislation. Please check back 24-48 hours after new legislation is introduced.

Note: Per CR100-2019, the opportunity to sign up to testify ended at 7PM, September 16, the time the hearing was scheduled to begin on the hearing’s first day.

Note: Residents are reminded that internet testimony, including identifying information, is considered public information and, as such, is subject to the Maryland Public Information Act. Visit for details.