• Primary Sponsor: The Chairperson at the request of the County Executive
  • Legislation Category: General

  • Legislation Status: Passed as Amended


Session Details


2/7/2022 7:00 PMLegislative SessionRemoved from Table, Life Extended, Passed as Amended
1/24/2022 12:00 PMLegislative Work Session 
12/6/2021 7:00 PMLegislative SessionTabled
11/17/2021 1:00 PMLegislative Work Session 
11/15/2021 7:00 PMLegislative Public Hearing 
11/1/2021 7:00 PMLegislative SessionIntroduced

Legislation Text

Document NameVersion
CB83-2021As Introduced
CB83-2021Final (Amended)


MotionMoved BySeconded ByDateVote DateFinal ActionMotion Has Notes  
TableOpel JonesChristiana Rigby12/6/202112/6/2021TabledView NotesView Votes
Remove From TableOpel JonesChristiana Rigby1/4/20221/4/2022Removed from TableView NotesView Votes
ApproveOpel JonesChristiana Rigby1/4/20221/4/2022 View NotesView Votes
Extend LifeDeb JungLiz Walsh1/4/20221/4/2022Life ExtendedView NotesView Votes
TableDeb JungLiz Walsh1/4/20221/4/2022FailedView NotesView Votes
TableDeb JungLiz Walsh1/4/20221/4/2022TabledView NotesView Votes
Remove From TableOpel JonesDeb Jung2/7/20222/7/2022Removed from TableView NotesView Votes
Extend LifeOpel JonesDeb Jung2/7/20222/7/2022Life ExtendedView NotesView Votes
ApproveOpel JonesChristiana Rigby2/7/20222/7/2022Passed as AmendedView NotesView Votes


Amendment NumberMotion TypeMotioned BySeconded ByDateFinal Action 
Amendment 1ApproveOpel JonesDeb Jung2/7/2022Passed as AmendedView Votes
Amendment 2ApproveOpel JonesDeb Jung2/7/2022PassedView Votes
Amendment 3ApproveOpel JonesDeb Jung2/7/2022Passed as AmendedView Votes
Amendment 1 to Amendment 3ApproveDeb JungNo second to the motion 2/7/2022 View Votes
Amendment 3 to Amendment 3ApproveChristiana RigbyOpel Jones2/7/2022PassedView Votes
Amendment 4ApproveOpel JonesDeb Jung2/7/2022PassedView Votes
Amendment 5ApproveOpel JonesDeb Jung2/7/2022PassedView Votes
Amendment 6ApproveOpel JonesDeb Jung2/7/2022Passed as AmendedView Votes
Amendment 1 to Amendment 6ApproveDeb JungLiz Walsh2/7/2022PassedView Votes
Amendment 7Re-ConsiderDeb JungLiz Walsh2/7/2022PassedView Votes
Amendment 8ApproveDeb JungLiz Walsh2/7/2022Passed as AmendedView Votes
Amendment 1 to Amendment 8ApproveOpel JonesDavid Yungmann2/7/2022PassedView Votes
Amendment 9ApproveLiz WalshDeb Jung2/7/2022FailedView Votes
Amendment 1 to Amendment 1ApproveDavid YungmannChristiana Rigby2/7/2022PassedView Votes