Pre-Filed Legislation


Pre-filed Legislation is legislation that will be introduced at the next legislative session.


Legislation that will be introduced at the next legislative session is pre-filed 11 calendar days before that legislative session. During these 11 days, you will be able to view pre-filed legislation on this page. Once the legislation is introduced, it is considered "current legislation".

Current Legislation
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Legislation #AmendmentsLegislation TitleIntroduced BySummary
CB16-2021NoAN ACT approving and providing for a multi-year Installment Purchase Agreement by Howard County, Maryland to acquire development rights in approximately 34.5 acres of agricultural land located on the south side of McKendree Road, Glenwood, Howard County, Maryland, from William Lowrey and Jennifer Lowrey or any other owner thereof for a maximum purchase price of $1,011,600 or, if less, not more than $29,320 per acre or portion thereof, rounded to the next highest $100, plus interest on the deferred portion of such purchase price; providing that the County's obligation to pay such purchase price and interest on the deferred portion of such purchase price shall be a full faith and credit general obligation of the County; providing for the levying of taxes for such payments; authorizing the County Executive to modify such Agreement; and providing for and determining various matters in connection therewith. The Chairperson at the request of the County ExecutiveView
CB17-2021NoAN ACT to update and add definitions related to solar collector equipment; to eliminate the requirement for a glare study; to add certain reviews by the Agricultural Preservation Board; to allow rooftop commercial and accessory ground mount solar collectors in all zoning districts; to allow commercial ground-mount solar collector facilities in certain zoning districts ; to limit the size of commercial ground-mount solar collector facilities on certain parcels that are in the Agricultural Land Preservation Program; and generally relating to the Howard County Zoning Regulations. The Chairperson at the request of the County ExecutiveView
CB18-2021NoAN ACT removing the requirement that the Office of Transportation establish a Transit and Pedestrian Advisory Group; amending the qualifications to serve on the Multimodal Transportation Board; amending the powers of the Multimodal Transportation Board; and generally relating to transportation and the Office of Transportation. The Chairperson at the request of the County ExecutiveView
CB19-2021NoAN ACT to alter the method to calculate the number of one-acre lots that could be subject to release of easement; removing the minimum size criteria for a parcel on which a landowner’s dwelling could be built; and generally relating to agricultural preservation. David YungmannView
CB20-2021NoAN ACT to require that certain single-user restrooms in Howard County be made available to all individuals regardless of gender; requiring that certain single-user restrooms use gender-inclusive signage to identify the restroom; establishing a certain penalty; and generally relating to the availability of single-user restrooms to all individuals regardless of gender. Christiana RigbyView
CB21-2021NoAN ACT amending the Howard County Zoning Regulations to add certain uses permitted as a matter of right in HO (Historic: Office) zoning districts. The Chair at the request of Kimberly KepnesView
CB22-2021NoAN ACT requiring the developer of a TOD (Transit Oriented Development) District site to provide the required moderate income housing units on the TOD site; prohibiting certain actions by the developer relating to optional methods or alternative compliance to optional methods; and generally relating to Moderate-Income Housing Unit requirements. Christiana RigbyView
CB23-2021NoAN ACT amending the eligibility requirements for a property tax credit for seniors and retired military personnel in accordance with Chapter 332, Acts of the General Assembly of 2019; and generally relating to property tax credits. Opel Jones, Deb JungView
CB24-2021NoAN ACT to prohibit action on certain zoning applications while a new General Plan is in process; requiring a specified report related to disclosure of certain contributions and business relationships in compliance with the Maryland Public Ethics Law; and generally relating to Zoning matters. Liz WalshView
CR37-2021NoA RESOLUTION confirming the appointment of Marlene S. Hendler to the Multimodal Transportation Board. The Chairperson at the request of the County ExecutiveView