Pre-Filed Legislation


Pre-filed Legislation is legislation that will be introduced at the next legislative session.


Legislation that will be introduced at the next legislative session is pre-filed 11 calendar days before that legislative session. During these 11 days, you will be able to view pre-filed legislation on this page. Once the legislation is introduced, it is considered "current legislation".

Current Legislation
Public Hearing Schedule


Legislation #AmendmentsLegislation TitleIntroduced BySummary
CB51-2022NoAN ACT amending the Howard County Code to require all Howard County officials involved in the Maryland Public Information Act request process seek a formal review by the Howard County Office of Law before declaring any documents, emails, or materials as privileged; and generally relating Maryland Public Information Act requests. David YungmannView
CB52-2022NoAN ACT amending the criteria, including the duration, for a property tax credit for seniors and retired military personnel in accordance with Chapter 267, Acts of the General Assembly of 2022; and generally relating to property tax credits. Deb JungView