Session Detail For Legislative Session-April


  • Session Title: Legislative Session-April
  • Session Type: Legislative Session
  • Session Description: Legislative Session - April
  • Session Date: 4/6/2015 7:30 PM
  • Session Location: George Howard Building
  • Registration Start: 3/26/2015 12:00 AM
  • Registration End: 3/26/2015 12:00 AM
Legislation NumberLegislation Title
CR24-2015Appointment -Board to Promote Self-Sufficiency - Banks
CR25-2015Appointment - Agricultural Preservation - Brown
CR26-2015Appointment - Veterans and Military Families - Buckley
CR27-2015Appointment- Public Transportation Board- Giles
CR28-2015Appointment - Commission for Veterans and Military Families - Gillette
CR29-2015Appointment - Local Children's Board - Hartman
CR30-2015Appointment - Historic Preservation Commission - Knudsen
CR31-2015Appointment - Cemetery Preservation Advisory Board - Moore
CR32-2015Appointment - Board of Health - Rivkin
CR33-2015Appointment - Historic Preservation Commission - Zoren
CR34-2015Reappointment - Environmental Sustainability Board - Chang
CR35-2015Reappointment - Personnel Board - Chon
CR36-2015Reappointment - Environmental Sustainability Board - Eacker
CR37-2015Reappointment - Commission on Aging- Fleischmann
CR38-2015Reappointment - Advisory Board on Consumer Affairs - Hood
CR39-2015Reappointment - EBOC - Rizvi
SAO7-FY2015Grant - Public Works - Flood warning system.
SAO8-FY2015Connect-A-Ride Grant
CB15-2015Recycling Services for Special Events
CR40-2015Special Events Recycling - Solid Waste Management Plan
CR41-2015Designating the Department of Police as the unit to receive records from secondhand precious metal dealers and pawnbrokers.
CR43-2015Annual Action Plan - Housing and Community Development
CR44-2015Endorsing financing DBED for economic development projects and certifying that the projects are consistent with the economic development plan.
CB14-2015Agricultural Preservation - Winstead Road, Woodstock
CR42-2015Community Legal Project - Financing
CB4-2015Office of Human Rights - Reorganization

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