Session Detail For Legislative Session-April


  • Session Title: Legislative Session-April
  • Session Type: Legislative Session
  • Session Description: Legislative Session - April
  • Session Date: 4/4/2016 7:00 PM
  • Session Location: George Howard Building
  • Registration Start: 3/29/2016 12:00 AM
  • Registration End: 3/29/2016 12:00 AM
Legislation NumberLegislation Title
CR39-2016Appointment - Avery - Commission on Aging.
CR40-2016Appointment - Gresham - Recreation and Parks Board.
CR41-2016Appointment - Levi - Board to Promote Self Sufficiency.
CR42-2016Appointment - Pollitt-Hill - Board to Promote Self Sufficiency.
CR43-2016Reappointment - Brown - Board of Directors of the Economic Development Authority.
CR44-2016Reappointment - Harper - Housing and Community Development Board.
CR45-2016Reappointment - Morton - Board of Social Services.
CR46-2016Reappointment - Rogan - Advisory Board on Consumer Affairs.
CR47-2016Reappointment - Rossomondo - Board of Social Services.
CR48-2016Reappointment - Stewart - Board of Health.
CR49-2016Reappointment - Stone - Board of Directors of the Economic Development Authority.
CB22-2016Zoning Regulations - Kennels and Pet Grooming Establishments - conditional uses.
SAO3-FY2016AN ACT transferring $2,000,000 from the General Fund to the Department of Public Works for snow removal
CR50-2016Environmental Sustainability Board - study - Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee.
CR51-2016RESOLUTION adopting the Howard County Consolidated Plan for Federal FY 2016- 2020 for housing including the Federal FY 2016 Action Plan Community Development Block Grant and Home Investment Partnerships Program (HOME)
CR52-2016Variance - setbacks - Elkridge Library.
CR29-2016Appointment - Blum - Commission for Veterans and Military Families
CR30-2016Reappointment - Ramsey - Recreation & Parks Board.
CB13-2016Allowing the County Executive to extend the time to remove snow from sidewalks during a state of emergency.
CR31-2016A RESOLUTION requesting that the Environmental Sustainability Board review the various reports commissioned by Howard County Public School System pertaining to mold at Howard County Public Schools
CB14-2016Military service credit - Police and Fire Employees' Retirement Plan.
CB15-2016AN ACT amending the Subdivision and Development of Land Regulations pertaining to residential infill developments
CB16-2016Approving a Grant Agreement with the Chesapeake Bay Trust.
CR32-2016Approving issuance of bonds pursuant to the Maryland Economic Development Revenue Bond Act for Vantage House.
CR33-2016Endorsing financing by the State Department of Business and Economic Development for projects in Howard County.
CB17-2016Amending the required rates of pay when an employee’s position is reclassified.
CB18-2016Department of Fire and Rescue Service - minimum educational and experience requirements.
CR34-2016Authorizing the conveyance of preservation parcel to Highland Reserve Homeowners’ Association.
CR35-2016A RESOLUTION approving a Bicycle Master Plan and a Complete Streets policy
CB19-2016Metropolitan District - incorporation of 11621 Scaggsville Road.
CR36-2016Approving the 2015 Amendment to the Howard County Master Plan for Water and Sewerage.
CB20-2016Watershed Protection and Restoration Fees - authorizing additional credits and requiring additional information int he annual report.
CR37-2016Amending schedules for charges related to the Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee
CR38-2016County Council - nonstandard session dates.

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