Session Detail For Legislative Public Hearing - February


  • Session Title: Legislative Public Hearing - February
  • Session Type: Legislative Public Hearing
  • Session Description: Legislative Public Hearing - February
  • Session Date: 2/21/2017 7:00 PM
  • Session Location: George Howard Building
  • Registration Start: 2/7/2017 8:00 AM
  • Registration End: 2/21/2017 9:00 PM
Legislation NumberLegislation Title
CR18-2017Appointment - Obiageli Epps - Commission for Women.
CR19-2017Property Tax Assessment Appeal Board - nominees for consideration by the Governor.
CR20-2017Appointment - Salazar - Board to Promote Self-Sufficiency.
CR21-2017Appointment - Xu - Public Ethics Commission.
CR22-2017Reappointment - Day - Agricultural Land Preservation Board.
CR23-2017Reappointment - Elaine R. Ritchey to the Animal Matters Hearing Board
CR24-2017Reappointment - Paula M. Schultz to the Animal Matters Hearing Board
SAO2-FY2017AN ACT transferring $600,000 to the Department of Planning and Zoning for the Strategic Demolition Fund Grant and the Façade Improvement Program Grant, both to be awarded from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
CB10-2017Budget - FY2017 - Amendment.
CR27-2017Courthouse - replacement - support for public/private partnership.
CB11-2017Buses - lease/purchase agreement.
CB12-2017Golf Course Management - Timbers at Troy.
CB13-2017Office Space - lease - 5950 Symphony Woods Drive, Columbia.
CB14-2017Generator maintenance - Alpha Ridge landfill.
CB15-2017Right-To-Farm Act - amendment.
CB16-2017Growth Tiers - PlanHoward 2030 - revision.
CR25-2017A RESOLUTION declaring that real property owned by Howard County, Maryland known as a portion of Governors Run Open Space Lot 130 is no longer needed for a public purpose in exchange for the conveyance to the County of land to be designated as Open Space
CR26-2017A RESOLUTION declaring that a portion of a 20-foot Water Easement and a 20-foot Sewer Easement is no longer needed by Howard County for public purposes
CR2-2017Appointment - Barnes - Pension Oversight Commission.
CR7-2017Appointment - Salgado-Tamayo - Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commission.
CR171-2016Appointment of John F. Tenerowicz to the Board to Promote Self-Sufficiency

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