Session Detail For Legislative Session - April


  • Session Title: Legislative Session - April
  • Session Type: Legislative Session
  • Session Description: Legislative Session
  • Session Date: 4/3/2017 7:00 PM
  • Session Location: George Howard Building
  • Registration Start: 3/24/2017 12:00 AM
  • Registration End: 3/24/2017 12:00 AM
Legislation NumberLegislation Title
CR36-2017Appointment - Aghera - Human Rights Commission.
CR37-2017Appointment - Garcia - Human Rights Commission.
CR38-2017Appointment - Kaiss - Agricultural Land Preservation Board.
CR39-2017Appointment - Melton - Planning Board.
CR40-2017Appointment - Song - Commission on Aging.
CR41-2017Reappointment - Asher - Commission on Aging.
CR42-2017Reappointment - Brunner - Commission on Aging.
CR43-2017Reappointment - Greenfield - Board of Electrical Examiners.
CR44-2017Reappointment - Mattis - Commission on Aging.
CR45-2017Reappointment - McLeod - Advisory Board on Consumer Protection.
CR46-2017Reappointment - Morse - Commission on Aging.
CR47-2017Reappointment - Morton - Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commission.
CR48-2017Reappointment - Quan - Public Transportation Board.
CR49-2017Reappointment - Snyder - Board of Electrical Examiners.
CR50-2017Reappointment - Summerson - Public Works Board.
CR51-2017Reappointment - Tracy - Recreation and Parks Board.
CB25-2017PlanHoward 2030 - housing allocations chart - Downtown Columbia.
CB26-2017Wireless facilities - public street lights - permit.
CB27-2017Lease extension - 3300 North Ridge Road, Suite 240, Ellicott City.
CR52-2017Annual Action Plan for housing and community services.
CR35-2017Forest Avenue - road closure.
CB28-2017Zoning Regulations - Cottage Food Business - Home Occupation.
CB29-2017Business Rural Crossroads (BRX) zoning district - removal.
CB30-2017County Executive - County Council - Citizens’ Election Fund system.
CR32-2017Reappointment -- Caroline Harper to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commission
CR33-2017Reappointment -- Jonah Hornum to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Commission
CR29-2017Appointment -- Erica B. Byrne to the Howard County Local Children’s Board
CR30-2017Appointment -- Brian M. Dillard to the Public Transportation Board
CR31-2017Appointment -- Ayesha Bajwa Holmes to the Board to Promote Self-Sufficiency
SAO3-FY2017Grant - Public Works - nutrient removal.
TAO3-FY2017Transferring a total of $3,445,000 to Capital Project, Land Acquisition Contingency Reserve from various capital projects in the FY 2017 Capital Budget including, Harriet Tubman Remediation, Site Acquisition for School Sites, and Logistics Facility
CB18-2017Bond authorization - $945,000 - land acquisition.
CB19-2017Agricultural Preservation - 1401 Woodbine Rd - Sachs property.
CR34-2017MEDAAF - State Department of Commerce - Economic Development Financing - endorsement - Freshly Inc. and Pepsi Beverages Co.
CB20-2017Amending the qualifications, duties, and powers of the Administrator of the Office of Transportation; adding the Office of Transportation to the Subdivision Review Committee
CB21-2017Massage establishments - individuals and businesses.
CB22-2017Exempting farms in the Rural Conservation Zoning District and farms 20 acres or larger in the Rural Residential Zoning District from Animal Shelter and Riding Academy and Stable setback requirements
CB23-2017A amending the Code to clarify that parcels may be eligible for the County’s Agricultural Preservation Program due to the the Growth Tier designation.
CB24-2017AN ACT requiring on-site sewage disposal systems installed within a major subdivision in the Rural Conservation (RC) zoning district use Best Available Technology (BAT)
CR21-2017Appointment - Xu - Public Ethics Commission.
CR1-2017Road Closure - Winter Thicket Road.
CR179-2016A RESOLUTION calling on the Maryland Department of Education to contract for a performance audit of the Howard County Public School System
CR104-2016Flier Building - sale.

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