Session Detail For Legislative Session - July


  • Session Title: Legislative Session - July
  • Session Type: Legislative Session
  • Session Description: Legislative Session - July
  • Session Date: 7/3/2017 7:00 PM
  • Session Location: George Howard Building
  • Registration Start: 6/23/2017 12:00 AM
  • Registration End: 6/23/2017 12:00 AM
Legislation NumberLegislation Title
CR100-2017Appointment of Kathleen Hetherington to the Economic Development Authority Board.
CR101-2017Appointment of Kashonna Holland to the Board to Promote Self-Sufficiency
CR102-2017Appointment of Tyrone P. Jones IV to the Board of Social Services
CR103-2017Appointment of Richard Lombardo to the Economic Development Authority Board
CR104-2017Appointment of Kevin McAliley to the Planning Board
CR105-2017Appointment of Grace Morris to the Housing and Community Development Board
CR106-2017Appointment of Clara Scholz to the Commission for Transitioning Students with Disabilities
CR107-2017Appointment of Michael Sloan to the Housing and Community Development Board
CR108-2017Reappointment of Dana Shourbaji to the Commission for Transitioning Students with Disabilities
CR109-2017A RESOLUTION declaring that the County’s interest for a use-in-common gravel driveway located across property adjacent to the County’s Cooksville Highway shop is no longer needed by Howard County for public purposes;
CR110-2017A RESOLUTION establishing a Surplus School Use Committee to study the disposition of the former Harriet Tubman High School site
CB54-2017AN ACT approving a multi-year Wholesale Water Agreement between Howard County and the City of Baltimore for the purchase of potable water
CB55-2017AN ACT approving a Lease Agreement between Howard County and LSOP 3 MD 3 for office buildings known as 9820 and 9830 Patuxent Woods Drive to be used by several County agencies, quasi-governmental agencies, and non-profit agencies from time to time
CB56-2017AN ACT amending the Howard County Police and Fire Employees’ Retirement Plan to provide that line-of-duty death benefits to a surviving spouse do not terminate on the remarriage of the surviving spouse
CB57-2017AN ACT approving a multi-year Installment Purchase Agreement by Howard County to acquire development rights of approximately 50.09 acres of agricultural land located on the east side of Manor Lane from the Ziegler Family Irrevocable Trust
CB58-2017AN ACT approving Installment Purchase Agreement by Howard County to acquire development rights in approximately 61.52 acres of agricultural land from The Trust FBO Thomas Lee Carroll
CB59-2017AN ACT amending the Zoning Regulations to allow Country Inns in the Residential Village Housing (R-VH) Zoning District as a Conditional Use
CR111-2017A RESOLUTION designating certain property located adjacent to U.S. Route 1 and immediately north of the City of Laurel, Maryland as a special taxing district
CB60-2017AN ACT allowing certain composting facilities and certain natural wood waste recycling facilities under certain conditions in certain Zoning Districts
CR112-2017A RESOLUTION amending the green neighborhood standards that are used to qualify for Green Neighborhood Allocations and amending the total number of possible points on the Green Neighborhood Checklist
CB61-2017AN ACT amending the Adequate Public Facilities Act requiring certain periodic review; specifying completion timelines for certain types of road remediation projects; requiring that certain agreements contain certain provisions with regard to the timing of road mitigation projects
CB62-2017AN ACT amending PlanHoward 2030, to reduce the number of allocations in the Growth and Revitalization category and to increase the number of allocations in the Established Communities category
CR84-2017Appointment - Kaiss - State Agricultural Preservation Advisory Board.
CR85-2017Reappointment - Bitner - Adult Public Guardianship Review Board.
CR86-2017Reappointment - Snelgrove - Economic Development Authority.
CR87-2017Reappointment - Shad - Historic Preservation Commission.
CR88-2017Reappointment - Markus - Board of Library Trustees.
CR89-2017Reappointment - Munns - Board of Library Trustees.
CR90-2017Reappointment - Beckham - Howard County Revenue Authority.
CR91-2017Reappointment - Marciniak - Board of Social Services.
CR92-2017Reappointment - Avery - Commission for Veterans and Military Families.
CR93-2017Reappointment - Williams - Commission for Veterans and Military Families.
CR72-2017Appointment - He - Environmental Sustainability Board.
CR73-2017Appointment of Matthew A. Reber to the Board of Health
CR74-2017Appointment of Robert A. Mentz to the Board of Library Trustees
CR75-2017Appointment of Edgar Zepp, IV to the Plumbing Advisory Board
CR76-2017Appointment of Terry Winegar to the Plumbing Advisory Board
CR77-2017Appointment of Marilyn Weeks to the Plumbing Advisory Board
CR78-2017Appointment - McLaughlin - Plumbing Advisory Board.
CR79-2017Appointment - Buma - Plumbing Advisory Board.
CR80-2017Appointment - Nitkin - Recreation and Parks Board.
CR81-2017Appointment - Meyers - Public Transportation Board.
CR82-2017Nominees - Property Tax Assessment Appeal Board.
CR83-2017Appointment - Hejeebu - Board of Education.
CR49-2017Reappointment - Snyder - Board of Electrical Examiners.
CR94-2017Design Manual - Volume I (Storm Drainage) - revision.
CR95-2017Land Preservation & Recreation Plan - 2017 - Adoption.
CR96-2017Adopting the Housing Unit Allocation Chart for Fiscal Year 2018
CR97-2017Open/Closed Chart - Schools.
CB50-2017Recreation & Parks - lease - 7060 Oakland Mills Rd.
CB51-2017Amending the Pay Plan for Howard County and removing certain Security Officer positions
CB52-2017Amending the Classification Plan for Howard County and amending and adding class descriptions within the public safety and Sheriff operations class
CB53-2017Amending the Zoning Regulations to establish a new use category of Storage or Use of Trailers, Modular Offices, Shipping Containers, or Refuse Containers
CR98-2017Long Reach Village Center - Approving urban renewal project.
CR99-2017Long Reach Village Center - Authorizing the sale of County-owned properties.
CB30-2017County Executive - County Council - Citizens’ Election Fund system.
CB20-2017Amending the qualifications, duties, and powers of the Administrator of the Office of Transportation; adding the Office of Transportation to the Subdivision Review Committee
CR1-2017Road Closure - Winter Thicket Road.
CR104-2016Flier Building - sale.
CR179-2016A RESOLUTION calling on the Maryland Department of Education to contract for a performance audit of the Howard County Public School System

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