Session Detail For Legislative Session - October


  • Session Title: Legislative Session - October
  • Session Type: Legislative Session
  • Session Description: Legislative Session - October
  • Session Date: 10/2/2017 7:00 PM
  • Session Location: George Howard Building
  • Registration Start: 9/29/2017 12:00 AM
  • Registration End: 9/29/2017 12:00 AM
Legislation NumberLegislation Title
CR125-2017Appointment - Rodriguez - Design Advisory Panel.
CR126-2017Appointment - Alexander - Housing Commission.
CR127-2017Appointment - Markow - Human Rights Commission.
CR128-2017Appointment - Jeon - Human Rights Commission.
CR129-2017Appointment - Wilson - Multimodal Transportation Board.
CR130-2017Appointment - Zinner - Multimodal Transportation Board.
CR131-2017Reappointment - Bird - Alcoholic Beverage Hearing Board.
CR132-2017Reappointment - Dayhoff - Board to Promote Self-Sufficiency.
CR133-2017Reappointment - Kromm - Public Ethics Commission.
CR134-2017Reappointment - Sharma - Commission for Women.
CR135-2017Reappointment - Seigel - Commission for Women.
CR136-2017Reappointment - Kim - Commission for Women.
CR121-2017Equal Business Opportunity Program Manual - approval.
CB75-2017Multi-year lease purchase - RTA - buses.
CB76-2017Multi-year lease - Timbers at Troy Golf Course - operation and maintenance.
CR137-2017Board of Education - Capital Improvement Program - request to State Interagency Committee on School Construction.
CB77-2017State of Emergency - County Executive - authority.
CR140-2017Surplus property - portion of Deerpath Road - authority to convey to Binder Rock, LLC.
CR115-2017Reappointment - Priestly - Cable Advisory Committee
CR116-2017Reappointment -- Dorsey -- Cemetery Preservation Advisory Board
CR117-2017Reappointment - Stringer - Pension Oversight Commission
CR114-2017Appointment – Plakitsis - Adult Public Guardianship Review Board
CR118-2017Appointment - Kurtom - Board of Appeals
CR119-2017Economic Opportunity and Prosperity Task Force – Established
CB63-2017Bond sale authorization – consolidated public improvement and metropolitan district
CB64-2017Human resources – collective bargaining - International Association of Firefighters – Howard County Local 2000 – approving provisions in conflict with County Code or Employee Manual
CB65-2017Human resources – collective bargaining - FOP Lodge 143 - Howard County Police Supervisor’s Alliance - approving provisions in conflict with County Code or Employee Manual
CB66-2017Human resources – collective bargaining - Howard County Police Officer’s Association - Lodge 21 - approving provisions in conflict with County Code or Employee Manual
CB67-2017Human Resource – County Pay Plan – conforming to collective bargaining agreements
CB68-2017Budget – E0973 Waverly Elementary Renovation / Phase II Addition – correcting prior appropriation
CB70-2017Personal Property Tax – exemption – historic district – terminating June 30, 2022
CB71-2017Electrical Code – 2017 National Electrical Code NFPA 70 – adoption
CB72-2017Purchasing Code updates.
CR120-2017Purchasing Manual - approval.
CR122-2017Economic Development - approval of State financing for ELTA North America
CB73-2017Planning and Zoning – Technical Staff Reports – time for submission to County Council
CR123-2017Surplus real property - South Entrance Road - Disposal.
CB74-2017TIF – Downtown Columbia – repeal
CR124-2017TIF - Downtown Columbia - enlarging district.
CR112-2017A RESOLUTION amending the green neighborhood standards that are used to qualify for Green Neighborhood Allocations and amending the total number of possible points on the Green Neighborhood Checklist
CB61-2017AN ACT amending the Adequate Public Facilities Act requiring certain periodic review; specifying completion timelines for certain types of road remediation projects; requiring that certain agreements contain certain provisions with regard to the timing of road mitigation projects
CB62-2017AN ACT amending PlanHoward 2030, to reduce the number of allocations in the Growth and Revitalization category and to increase the number of allocations in the Established Communities category
CB60-2017AN ACT allowing certain composting facilities and certain natural wood waste recycling facilities under certain conditions in certain Zoning Districts
CR1-2017Road Closure - Winter Thicket Road.
CR179-2016A RESOLUTION calling on the Maryland Department of Education to contract for a performance audit of the Howard County Public School System
CR104-2016Flier Building - sale.

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