Session Detail For Legislative Session - June


  • Session Title: Legislative Session - June
  • Session Type: Legislative Session
  • Session Description: Legislative Session - June
  • Session Date: 6/4/2018 7:00 PM
  • Session Location: George Howard Building
  • Registration Start: 6/1/2018 12:00 AM
  • Registration End: 6/1/2018 12:00 AM
Legislation NumberLegislation Title
CR69-2018Appointment - Moynihan - Board of Electrical Examiners.
CR70-2018Appointment - Pinder - Equal Business Opportunity Commission.
CR71-2018Aappointment - Drasin - Multimodal Transportation Board.
CR72-2018Reappointment - Coover - Adult Public Guardianship Review Board.
CR73-2018Reappointment - Henry - Adult Public Guardianship Review Board.
CR74-2018Reappointment - Leon-Guerrero - Adult Public Guardianship Review Board.
CR75-2018Reappointment - Young - Adult Public Guardianship Review Board.
CR76-2018Reappointment - Hailman - Commission on Aging.
CR77-2018Reappointment - Collins - Board of Directors - Economic Development Authority.
CR78-2018Reappointment - Matthews - Board of Directors - Economic Development Authority.
CR79-2018Reappointment - Basu - Housing and Community Development Board.
CR80-2018Reappointment - Doan - Local Children’s Board.
CR81-2018Nominations - Property Tax Assessment Appeal Board.
CB39-2018Animal Control - dog protection, alerts.
CB40-2018Presubmission meetings - projects on publicly owned land, open space.
CB41-2018Property Tax Credit - surviving spouse of retired member of armed forces.
CB42-2018Property Tax Credit - 9-1-1 operators.
CB43-2018Reports to County Council - manner of submission.
CB44-2018Howard County Public Ethics Law - updates.
CB45-2018Purchasing - prohibition in bidding by those who have been involved in the RFP, specifications, or invitations to bid.
CB46-2018Single Site Historic Districts.
CR82-2018APFO - Housing Unit Allocation Chart - Fiscal Year 2019
CR83-2018APFO - School Capacity Chart.
SAO2-FY2018Supplemental appropriation - snow removal - FY18.
CR68-2018Board of Education - budget transfers - FY18.
CB38-2018Zoning - nursing homes and residential care facilities - B-2.
CR43-2018Reappointment o- Engelke - Planning Board.
CB20-2018Landlord and tenant - regulation.
CB21-2018Zoning Regulations - Composting and natural wood waste recycling.
CB14-2018Human Resources - dismissal of classified employees.
CR112-2017A RESOLUTION amending the green neighborhood standards that are used to qualify for Green Neighborhood Allocations and amending the total number of possible points on the Green Neighborhood Checklist
CR1-2017Road Closure - Winter Thicket Road.
CR179-2016A RESOLUTION calling on the Maryland Department of Education to contract for a performance audit of the Howard County Public School System
CR104-2016Flier Building - sale.

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