Session Detail For Legislative Work Session


  • Session Title: Legislative Work Session
  • Session Type: Legislative Work Session
  • Session Description: Legislative Work Session
  • Session Date: 9/21/2022 1:00 PM
  • Session Location: George Howard Building
  • Registration Start: 9/20/2022 12:00 AM
  • Registration End: 9/20/2022 12:00 AM
Legislation NumberLegislation Title
CB51-2022AN ACT amending the Howard County Code to require all Howard County officials involved in the Maryland Public Information Act request process seek a formal review by the Howard County Office of Law before declaring any documents, emails, or materials as privileged; and generally relating Maryland Public Information Act requests.
CB52-2022AN ACT amending the criteria, including the duration, for a property tax credit for seniors and retired military personnel in accordance with Chapter 267, Acts of the General Assembly of 2022; and generally relating to property tax credits.
CB57-2022AN ACT requiring the Department of Police to notify the Director of Public Works of certain fatalities; requiring the Director of Public Works, or the Director’s designee, to conduct an infrastructure review when certain fatalities occur on a road or at an intersection; requiring consultation with the Office of Transportation; requiring the review to be complete within a certain time; requiring the review to be sent to specified recipients and published on the County website; and generally relat
CB58-2022AN ACT to set the rate of the Public School Facilities Surcharge for certain addition construction; and generally relating to the public school facilities surcharge.

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